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The Book of Ephesians is a magnificent and an almost overwhelming book about God’s great truth and love for His people. As you read the Apostle Paul’s words, you can sense that he’s overwhelmed. He’s had a vision of what God did through the life of Jesus Christ and now struggles with the confines of language to express just what he’s come to understand exactly what true reality is.

Paul writes from prison in Rome. He’s not just writing only to the Ephesians, but to all who are seek God’s heart. This letter is different than most of Paul’s works as it doesn’t target a specific issue or problem in the church, but shares words of truth, grace and encouragement, sending it to seekers of Jesus Christ everywhere, yesterday and today.

Ephesians is a timeless document of insights that all Christians desperately need to experience and understand. We need to know our Father in heaven so well that we can’t help but to worship Him. When we do truly know God through His son Jesus Christ up close and personal, worship becomes a natural extension of that close relationship with Him. It simply becomes something we want to do and be part of. Not just singing and praying in church, but in area of our lives every day.