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Sermon Series for February and March 2020
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Vision is a funny thing.  It’s seeing where you aren’t.  To have vision is to image something – to imagine something.  Those who follow the true God know about this sort of thing.  We wander for a while, then, in His grace, He sets us upon a rock and shows us the future.  Sometimes it’s clear; sometimes we have to squint. Sometimes we get to go to the future quickly; sometimes the future is many years out.  Sometimes we ourselves don’t get to go there, we only tell others about it. But God shows us the better way and asks us (dares us?) to walk toward what we’re seeing.  He does this by opening up our hearts and getting us to envision love.

Date                Preacher                     Title                                                                 Scripture 

Feb 2               Robin Duncan             “Where The Heart Goes, The Head Will Follow”       Prov 4:23

Feb 9               Nathan Hitchcock       Courage for the Vision                                        Deut 31:1-8

Feb 16             Mark Farris                  The Lord of Love                                               I John 4:1-19

Feb 23             Nathan Hitchcock       Daring to Dream Bigger                                     Num 14:1-45

Mar 1              Kayla Tronvold             Vision for the Nations                                       Acts 10:1-36   

Mar 8              Jeff Burton                   Self-Sacrificing Love                                          Phil. 2:1-13

Mar 15            Nathan Hitchcock       Envisioning a Bigger Altar                                   2 Chr 4:1-6

Mar 22             Kate Friesen                TBD

Mar 29             Nathan Hitchcock       Living out the Vision                                           Prov 16:1-3