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It’s a story with visions of the future and a wonderful example of God’s mercy and grace.
It’s a story filled with parallels of the New Testament’s gospel account as it deals with despair, redemption, and deliverance through the realities of life.

It’s a story played out thousands of years ago and better written than any Hollywood or Broadway script. It’s filled with numerous roller coaster highs and lows.
Fear, anger, jealousy, success, treachery, grief, loneliness – all kinds of emotions and frustrating pain can be felt as a family is tragically divided through deception and scheming.
Through the entire journey we see God is active and involved.

It’s a story filled with contrast;
From a life of privilege - to a life in the pits.
A life of desperate panic - to a life filled by faithful service.
A life of unfounded accusation - leading to a life of incredible position and power.
A life of disaster - to a life of hope and deliverance.
A death of a son - to a surprise reunion of grand proportions
A severe famine and impending doom to the deliverance and provision for God’s chosen people.

This is the story of “Joseph of Egypt!”