The Church Begins 600x450

Summer 2019

Part 1 Acts 1-8

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God has chosen to work through His people, His very imperfect, unorganized, impatient, immature people. Aren’t we grateful! Over these next dozens week’s, at Grandview we’ll see God’s amazing way, His wonderful work as we study the first 8 chapters of the Book of Acts.

In Luke’s letter to his friend Theophilus, we read a first-hand account of the very beginning of His church, as Jesus departed and those left were told to wait in Jerusalem for a gift. Luke records all the excitement and the details of what transpired in these dramatic chapters in Acts.

The Book of Acts was written in the second half of the First Century. One commentator describes it as almost like reading a popular novel or historical romance. It has suspense, drama, good & bad guys as it shares what happened to the followers of Jesus after His Ascension into heaven.

Luke, the same author of the 3rd gospel, is also considered the author of Acts. Even though no mention is made of the author in either book, it’s obvious by the style and especially by the content that Luke was the writer. We can be thankful for Luke’s recording of these historical accounts and the events of those days. The beginning, the very start of the Church of Jesus Christ!

I know of no other organization that has touched my life more than the Church - not school, not work, but the Bride of Christ. The gathering of God’s people, the followers of Jesus to me is one of the most precious things we can experience in this life. It’s through the environment of His Church and the work of His Holy Spirit, that today, we can grow and develop as Christians.

Remember the Church is not a building! The church is a people –